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LED Facial Mask

Its here! The best new way to completely give your client a DPL treatment. The newest technology making for a more effective treatment. It sits stationary on the Clients face allowing you free hands for a scalp or hand massage  This Mask is perfect to add to your services. It comes with 7 colors each with it's own benefits, giving you an arsenal for almost any job! It has intensity control, a timer and shapes to the whole face! Its definitely a must-have in the Spa.
It includes a timer up to 60 minutes. Has Energy/Intensity Control. LED Colors include: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Clear Blue, and White.

$249 $199
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Love love this!!! My clients see immediate results... Best money I've ever spent!!

Karen D, Esthetician
Get The Mask that Celebrities Call "Anti-Aging Miracle Mask."
The future of light therapy is here. Your clients will love the zen this LED facial mask brings. You will love the power it brings to banish blemishes and breakouts. Can we say upgrades!? Get more out of your treatments with this futuristic skin treatment.

Zero Side Effects 
All LED light therapy aka photrejuvenation is 100% safe. LED lights do not give off harmful radiation and heat. Unlike laser treatment,they do not damage your skin. There is absolutely ZERO side effects and recovery time.
7 Colors, 7 Skin Loving Benefits!
Red LED Light ( 650 -730 nm Wavelength)
Red light is proven to stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is essential for repairing damaged skin tissue and improving skin texture. This leads to reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, large pores and hyperpigmentation. You will enjoy young, healthy and vibrant complexion.
Blue LED Light ( 430 -470 nm Wavelength)
Blue light is medically proven to kill P acne bacteria beneath your skin. This will clear up existing acne and prevent future breakouts without the use of topical medications. It reduces acne inflammation and drastically boost skin recovery while decreasing skin oiliness by lowering excess sebum production.
Green LED Light ( 525 -550 nm Wavelength)
Green light reduces hyperpigmentation, discoloration, freckles, sun damage, and age spots. It lightens and reduces existing pigmentation, improves overall skin tone, and protects skin from premature discolorations without the use of harmful skin lightening products.
Purple LED Light ( 590 nm Wavelength)
Purple Light reduces the appearance of scars. The purple light can strengthen the protein fiber tissue and shrink pores at the same time. It evens out your clients skin tone Accelerates blood circulation and promotes skin rejuvenation.
Yellow LED Light ( 590 nm Wavelength)
Yellow light is an excellent treatment for skin redness, improves oxygen in the skin cells and replenishes energy to skin cells. It is proven to reduce pigment, promotes lymphatic detox, improve skin texture and wrinkles.
Cyan "Light Blue" LED Light ( 590 nm Wavelength)
Cyan Light can enhance cell energy and promotes skin cell metabolism. Improve oil production of the skin. Promotes the synthesis of protein and collagen.
White LED Light ( 590 nm Wavelength)
White LED Improves appearance of sagging skin, promotes tissue strength providing a relaxing facial with amazing benefits!